May Zaki

The world's #1 Wellness Authority for Elite Muslim Female Leaders

Corporate Wellness Oracle, Anti-Diet Revolutionist, Celebrity Mentor

And The Innovator of the "R formulas" A proven philosophical approach to creating a healthy, wealthy life by design.

The Iconic Nutritionist, May Zaki is an incredible pioneer in weight management, a certified naturopath, 

life coach, and Master NLP; her expertise allowed her to blend 

a maverick approach to holistic wellness 

that actually works!

She is the founder and president of two global brands, "Reviving Corporates," which provides 

multidimensional wellness solutions for top-notch organizations, 

and "Rashaqa by May," a game-changing body transformation practice.

Through them, May empowers thousands of women across the globe 

to achieve Optimal Health and Vitality while living their life 

Joyfully, Gracefully, and Intentionally.

Meet May Zaki: 

For over 20 years, living a busy wife's life and raising her 3 sons, May didn't have the time, or ability, to pursue her dreams and passions. 

For the same 20 years, May had been stuck in her own yo-yo diet cycle. Like most women, she had tried to lose weight and not gain it back while staying somewhat healthy and fit. 

She stayed in this endless cycle until a few years ago when she decided, and finally had the chance, to deep dive into the sophisticated diet industry and reveal the real reasons most people struggle with their long-term Wellness goals and obesity. 

Now she is the world expert in creating quantum mindset shifts for long-lasting body transformation results.

Revive by May: 

As one of the world's Iconic Wellness leaders, May crafts premier wellness solutions for the world's Top Organizations via her boutique consulting agency "Reviving Corporates." To sky-rocket Potential, Performance, and Prosperity.

She founded 'Revive", a passionate, driven Agency that follows Revolutionary Wellness Methodology for Guaranteed Tangible Results because She is committed to filling the gap between sanity and success; 

Unlike the mainstream wellness coaching that focuses on only one aspect of health, Revive by May has its unique blend of the art and science of wellness that 
Empower Employees to be 
Consistent, Conscious, and Committed. 

Rashaqa by May: 

May has always been passionate about helping Muslim Mums experience seamless health and grace. 

That was her reason for starting "Rashaqa by May', the only and biggest online practice that allows Muslim mums effortlessly achieve their ideal healthy body and break the cycle of yo-yo diets. 

May created signature programs based on the Islamic core nutrition principles that address the primary reasons why women always fail in dieting. 

Then guides them through a proven, step-by-step process to make permanent and lasting changes by taping into their soft feminine power to achieve their ideal healthy body:

Gracefully, Naturally, and Sustainably. 

May Zaki the Majestic: 

May is the magician who reveals all the diet industry manipulations that prey on women's hopes and dreams. Instead of focusing on women's insecurities, May connects her VIP clients with their own divine confidence and realigns their belief system so they can take control of their health and prosperity. 

May is the sought-after "magician" of female Muslim leaders who want to overcome their negative body image, break emotional eating habits and tap into their divine feminism to experience an instant and unshakable shift in their behavior towards their bodies and lives, which no surgery or pill can do.

May Zaki, the Author, and keynote speaker

May is the best-selling author of

 "Mind over Tummy – how to finally win that battle with the scale." 

May is also a captivating and transformational keynote speaker. She has shared her holistic approach at multiple international summits and conferences through her keynote addresses.

May Zaki in the Media: 

After years of managing her very successful business in Sydney, Australia, May was invited consistently by Australia's largest radio station, SBS, to share her opinion on recent weight loss trends.

She was also featured on Sydney's largest Islamic radio station, 2MFM, to share her extensive knowledge about weight management issues from a psychological point of view, which is very different from how other nutritionists approach the subject, which made her advice resonate with many people. 

May clearly made an excellent impression on the audience when she was featured as a guest twice on Islam TV, the UK's biggest Islamic channel. Her calm, professional and logical approach left a very positive and lasting impression on the channel's team and audience alike.

Because she is Australian of Egyptian origin and speaks both Arabic and English fluently, she was asked to contribute to the highly respected Al-Waste Magazine and Thrive Global. as a columnist. 

As well as her valuable contribution to ABC News, the largest Australian news network, where she shared powerful tips about overcoming stress and emotional eating during the recent covid pandemic.

As a sought-after business leader, having held adviser positions in respectable leadership organizations, May generously shared her inspiring leadership experience with the world's famous media Entrepreneur and Thrive global.

May Zaki, the Award winner: 

In Australia, May was nominated as a finalist for the prestigious "Coach of the Year 2021 " by the most significant national awards AUSMUMPRENEUR.

May was also selected as a finalist for her Company," Rashaqa By May," in the same year for multicultural excellence awards.

In Europe, She was nominated for the distinguished "Woman of the Year 2022" award by The Ladies First Professional Development Network in the UK.

May Zaki Today: 

May has built her 6 figure businesses and transformed the lives of her clients while never taking her focus off the care of her 3 sons and the support of her husband with her fullest potential. 

May is the embodiment of a world-class "Mumtrepreneur"; who manages a team of passionate women between Sydney and Cairo. 

She delivers a luxurious experience to her clients while balancing her own lifestyle and personal relationships. 

A little secret for you: A couple of royal members and sophisticated female leaders across the globe had experienced rapid transformation when they started working with May.

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